Monday, July 27, 2009

Congrats to all!

Good... I was able to woke up before noon today! lol!
After having lunch with my hubs and lola in Royal Host, we picked up Liza downtown and my hubs drove us to Aicel 21.
Sooo that was it... we held the general meeting of Phil NAKAMA today. We also held the election of new officers for year 2009-2011 and of course the birthday of uncle Jo and Shinichi kun was celebrated!
The meeting was well attended by members, friends and their families... about 50 people according to our attendance.
I was touch to Shibata san and Arakawa sensei's comment about the group... according to them, they got extra power and feel uplifted when they are with us because we are all cheerful! lol!
I was also surprised to meet personally this Raita san. I only knew him by the phone and emails coz he had this interest to join our group. I thought he's just like those other dirty guys who misinterpret our group and nationality! lol! Finally today... he showed up... and I was shocked... he looks so modest, simple and yes... good looking young man and yes girls... he is single! Oooh... how I wish I met him when I was young! LOL!
The meeting and election

Precy was elected President and Olive as Vice President

Liza playing around while we are seriously counting the ballots in!

Below are the advicers and the newly elected officers for year 2009-2011 headed by Precy as upcoming President. Induction Ceremony will be held on the 8th Anniversary celebration of the group on September 6th.

Amie, Lilia and Ishigami san were not in the pics.

The bday celebrants... uncle JO and Shinichi kun!

The meeting end up with Philippine delicacies prepared by the bday celebrants. Good job Dang... all your foods are really yummy! I love them all!

This is the flow of our meeting!

Thanks to Sarah for driving me home. Sometimes it is good to have a driver... heheh! Alright... I must back to work... I am still working for the August issue of my MABUHAY! newsletter... so see you all soon...

and hey... by the way... speaking about the witch last time... maybe I am?! Liza, Amie and I hate to miss the yearly Abe Kawa Fireworks Exhibition which was sched same to our Summer Live event... sooo I wished that the exhibition will be postponed due to rain so that they can resched the event and we can able watch it. OMG... my wish was granted! lol!
Then I also guessed that Precy will be the 5th gene as Phil NAKAMA leader... and again it was granted! See... I am like a witch... hahah! Anyway, nothing to worry... i think this one is for good!
Oooh how I wish I win the lottery too! lol!

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