Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Girls Talk?!

My co-staff at SAME-- Miyamoto san, Satomi san and me share the same month of birthdays and that is June... so we decided to celebrate it together with our other friends with same birth month. Muroi san is also June so she's in and we also invited Precy being same as Cancer sign 'though born in July... then Momoko san and of course Nanako san as special guest coz her birthday is April.
Finally, that celebration was held tonight in Cafe Capu. It's my first time to that place... and gee, its very near to our house. About 5 mins walk! heheh! The motiff of the place is like an old Japanese house furnished with old stuffs. Pretty nostalgic!
Satomi chan received bouquet flowers from me, Miyachan and Itou san for her one year good service at SAME! KORE KARA MO YOROSHIKU!I love this best... couscous mushrooms and octupus with tomato stew!
We enjoyed the great foods and drinks as well as we enjoyed our girls talk! lol! Precy and me are the only married friends in there... and talking with the bachelors ladies reminds us of our good youth days! hahah!

... and hey, we've just formed a new band in there headed by Miya chan playing yukulele, Gamu san as our guitarist, me and Muroi san as lead vocals, Precy as back up, and the rest are our managers and PROs. heheh! Our debut will be on that place-- Cafe Capu according to Miya chan... but I am suggesting that we must do it at SAME International Fest on October! Hope it will all work out and not just a tipsy talk! lol!

_more pics to come_

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