Saturday, August 01, 2009

Finally i'm free for a while!

Banzai! Finally, I was able to finished all my deadline works for this month of July. Liza and I also finally made a reservation yesterday for the rooms we needed in Aicel 21 for the up coming meetings and the Japanese Class of our Phil NAKAMA group. It's also a blessings that we have some volunteer teachers who could teach the class after those head ache and heart ache we encountered involving to a sort of rivalry with some Japanese teaching groups. Hirap talaga ng buhay... volunteer na nga... pinag-aagawan at pinagtatalunan pa ng kapwa volunteer groups! Para ke pa at volunteers daw. It's too complicated to deal with so many rules to follows! lol!

What matter most is that after those some busy world of ours from works, activities and events this July... Liza and I treated our selves to Royal Host for some refreshments. Actually it was Liza who treat me kc masaya rin s'ya dahil nakahinga na rin s'ya sa renewal of her passport and she is now ready to apply for her Japanese citizenship together with her daughter Mari. Good luck Liza... i know you can all make it too... and let's force Amie to apply too! lol!

Since... i am partly free from responsibilities... I am addicted lately to this Sorority Life game in Tagged. For me... it's very interesting and geeee... i am enjoying it so far! Crazy me... lol!
Besides... most of my sorority sisters are very friendly... and they are sooo kind to even send friendly tags and messages. How I wish this won't last... that all my friends that I met there will become my friends for real. lol!
My status yesterday

Well... it's the beginning of August and for the meantime i am partly free from hectic scheds and within these days... i want to spend summer to the fullest before my hard days mess me around! lol!

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