Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SAME program in cable TV...

The radio program-- TAKE FIVE of SAME-- Shizuoka City Association for Multicultural Exchange in Shizuoka FM-Hi 76.9 mhz is still kicking for about 11 years already. It's a program in different languages like English, Spanish, Portugal, Chinese and Tagalog-- that gives different informations for foreigners regarding the everyday living here in Japan and some point of advices or measures for TOKAI earthquakes or any disasters.
Aside from the radio program activity... SAME also started to invade the Shizuoka Wave cable tv station last June. As usual... I am also a part of this. The motiff is the same like in the radio.
The program is being aired everyday... 8:00 in the morning and evening. Both radio and cable tv programs of SAME are also being aired at SAME net. Tune in!
Philippine team with our director Yon-kun at the set of SAME program in cable tv

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