Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy birthday Liza!

Tonight, we celebrated the birthday of one of my close friends... LIZA! Her birthday was actually yesterday. It's only a date between close friends... naku marami na naman ang aangal nito... LOL! That's Liza, Amie and me!
My close friends... lalo na pagnanlilibre cla o nagbibigay ng regalo... lol!
We went to Izakaya where our new Japanese friend Raita kun is working-- in Kurumaya near Don Quijote in downtown.
Below is our young brother-like Raita kun... kawaii desho? Osusume dish... sashimi desu!Sakura ebi... our favorite!Service from Izakaya... tokubetsu no edamameThe birthday celebrant... ala na... lasing na rin po! Okawari?!Quiz time: Alin sa mga daliri ang naiiba? Obvious po ba?!Pa-cute na Amie and Liza... that's my best shot... jejejeh!Liza and meee... Kampai!
We celebrated Liza's birthday to the fullest. We ate and drink and laugh to the fullest. I don't know how many glass of cocktail drinks we had but I felt tipsy and it felt sooo good. I did love the feeling like I am very free and I kept on laughing.
Our Friendship
That was a terrific date! Thanks to you girls... for painting our night so colorful and with stars huh! lol! Thanks to Raita kun and the rest of the staff and for the services they provided us!

To Liza... hope you enjoy your celebration too as much as Amie and me enjoyed it!
I won't ask for your age anymore... I know you'll just lie! lol! Anyway... I know the truth and whatever you do... admit it or not... I am younger than you... hahahah!

Stay healthy, kind, truthful, working hard, funny and loving friend as you are! Happy birthday with love from me and Amie. (^3^)Mhwaaah!

Gochisosamadeshita! Totemo tanoshikatta desu! Need I say more?

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