Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer fun house

The season for YUREI, OBAKE or ghost stuffs here in Japan is not on halloween but every summer! I don't have an exact idea why... but just a guess... maybe it's also related to their celebration every summer of this Buddish custom of OBON Fest or the season of the dead. They actually honored in this season the souls of their beloved departed ancestors.
Well... in line to this OBAKE stuff... Twin Messe is also featuring this summer a fun house affair.
We got some free tickets courtesy of Liza's oneesan and with Liza, Sachan and I... we decided to visit the place after our radio and cable recording at SAME.

Well... the entrance fee is really TADA... but unfortunately when we enter the event site... all the attractions are not for free! That was so disappointing but we need to experience some of the attractions like the fun house sooo... even that cost us another 1,000 yen each to enter... we did get inside and scared our selves! lol! That was funny... habulin ka ba naman ng obake... what will u do? Shout and run... correct! lol!

MeowwwwPaging Nanako chan... is this true? lol!The story behind the mystery of horror house... or should i say fun house (?!) Gegege no Taro family! Our amulets against evil spirit... datte! We're in newspaper!!!
It's less than two weeks and summer vacation will be over... enjoy the rest of it!

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