Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scary earthquake hit Shizuoka!

Strong earthquake with magnitude of 6.6 awakened me and my family this morning... as in "quake n wake"! lol! The shakings happened around past 5:00 a.m. and lasted for about 7 seconds.
Thanks be to God for we are all safe for the fact that there is also a typhoon this morning! What a disaster! Mother nature seems sooo angry! Very scary!
Some small shakings was felt after it. But one of my most aftershocked was those mess I need to clean up and put back to normal settings! After the strong shakes, some of our displays like figurines, photo stands, cd's, dvd's, video tapes collections, books and other stuffs were all knock down... lol! Most of our cabinets doors and drawers were all about half-opened. I found broken glasses and bowls inside the China wares cabinets downstairs and upstairs. I still never check some of our rooms... I had enough shocks for today! lol!

We were sleeping together in our Japanese living room lately. In the picture below... down the left board was Sachan's futon bed. All the displays around her felt down to her. Thanks to her comforter... it saved her... lol! I was sleeping on the other side of the room near our components while my hubs on the other side near our tv but lucky they did not fell apart. The rest were some mess that crumbled, scrambled and jumbled together caused by the horrible shake! I can't imagine it's the same Japanese room of our house. kekekeh!

The Japan Meterological Agency said that this was not Tokai Earthquake. It is expected to come very soon in many times stronger than we felt this morning... gosh... what do they mean... the rough ride we felt today was just like a practice... lol!

It's pretty helpful that we attended some trainings and seminars about preparations and measures in earthquakes. Likewise, we still keep on giving informations in different languages for foreigners living here in Shizuoka about some advices on Tokai Eartquakes. Stay tune in FM Hi! 76.9 mhz from Monday to Fridays, 7:45~8:00 a.m. or on Shizuoka Wave Cable TV -- morning and evening info or at SAME website.

Part of the historical Sumpu Castle's wall (near my office at SAME) also collapsed in the earthquake.

Here's a tip in case of this kind of emergency... don't PANIC! No matter what... keep calm! Promise!?

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