Sunday, August 23, 2009

Remembering OTOOSAN

OTOOSAN is actually my father in law. It's his 6th year death anniversary this year... but it is counted as 7th year in Chinese Lunar Calendar.
It is a custom here in Japan that Buddhist memorial services presided over by oboosan or monks are held on the seventh day, 49th day, one year anniversary, two year anniversary and seven year anniversary after death. So we also did the ceremony for Otoosan... and service was held in the temple with a monk chanting sutras in front of the altar. We also visited Otoosan's grave located at the back of the temple. It was attended only by close families. Oneesan and Hirotaka came from Nagoya but Oniisan and Michan were not able to make it due to their works.

Below pic-- while waiting for the monk's service at the temple.
Afterwards, we had dinner together.
This is Hiro's new Honda Crossroad car. I love this car next to my x-Nissan X-trail!
We all separated before dusk. This is the sunset sky. Over looking building is Amie's condo. Opppsss... not her building but she lives there! lol! ...and when we arrived home... this (below) is the sky scene from our house roof top! Well... that's what happen to my Sunday. Warm family bonding, a peaceful ceremony and a great meal!
After that I phoned to Philippines to say bon boyage to my brother in law... Sonny who was leaving for Libya tomorrow. Take care Sonny... hope and pray that you'll mission work there will be fruitful! Gonna miss you... good luck and God bless!
Now... I must go back to my work to meet my deadline on Tuesday... my newsletter! I am not even on half of it... i'm tired for researching and translating. Still many other works are waiting like the paper works for PHil NAKAMA's anniversary on September 6th. I still have many meetings and symposiums to attend from next week and I need to prepare my report for them... haaaah... sigh... somebody heeelp! I wanna surrender!!! I wanna give up!!! waaaaaaah!

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