Monday, September 14, 2009

Group discussion about Shizuoka

August was really another busy month for me... this time... my friend Kotomi-chan, a college student in Shizuoka University had this circle doing some symposiums on different topics about their interest in life...somewhat like pulong-pulong sa kaunlaran.
This time discussions was about cross-cultural. It was held in a restaurant named ITALI-TEI (?) near Parco last August 28, Friday night.
They had this topic about foreign residents view in Shizuoka. So... Kotomi chan and her group invited 3 foreign residents from Shizuoka ---that's me, Shajid from Sri Lanka and Ken from America as guest speakers and we were ask to talk about our experiences, opinions and some comparisons of the way of living here and our own countries.

...with Kotomi chan

We're divided in some groups and they change groups after every 30 minutes discussions.
I was surprised that they even asking me about the current economics and political situations in the Philippines... how could I answer that personally if almost half of the century of my life was already spent here in Japan... lol! Tough question... po talaga!

More than 20 people joined the discussions... and it was fun talking with them...
I was able to meet many Japanese and became friends.

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  1. I love your blog as it shows so many sides of Japan that I didn't know. Keep your posts coming, I'm sure to read all of them!