Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tour in Chiba!

Yeheeey ... we have a five days holiday this week!
I started my free day yesterday having a bus tour with Liza. Actually it was a mystery tour according to Yomiuri tour promo... and I was so excited what's the mystery behind that tour... well, actually... it's about a tour wherein nobody knows where they'll gonna take us... a surprise in other word! lol! But actually... we had some idea already on where to go according to some hints written in the guide line schedule. Yes... my hubs said we will be obviously taken to Chiba!
He was right... our tour was in Chiba!

Below is a Cosmos plantation in Tokyo German Village

Tokyo German Village

Sea coast in Chiba Well... it was pretty exciting! We enjoyed sight seeings, experienced harvesting and enjoyed the foods and many omiage like sanma fish, sweet potatoes, peanuts and even 1 kilo of!

Looking forward to another bus tour... hopefully this autumn!

Above are photos from our bus tour in Chiba

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