Monday, September 14, 2009

Night picnic in Abe River?!

The Abe River HANABI TAI KAI or fireworks exhibition which was originally scheduled on July 25th has been cancelled due to continuous rains and it was resched last August 29th.... and if there some people who were glad it was resched ... well, it was me, Liza, Amie and Sarah!
Actually, we are always watching together that Hanabi Tai Kai every year ... but this year ... the date of the event got conflict to our Summer Live group event. So we prayed for hopes that it would rain on Hanabi Tai Kai's event (bad girls deshou?! lol!)... so they could resched it and we can have the chance to watch it!
Our mother nature had been so cooperative... our wish was granted! LOL!

This time... we watched the event by having a picnic with Phil NAKAMA group. We didn't expect that many friends will gonna join us... our big blue picnic sheet was sooo crowded!
We enjoyed eating, drinking and yelling together while watching the exhibitions. Gosh... i enjoyed everyone's company... and we are the only noisy group in there! LOL!

We reserved our group's place!


After the event... liza, sarah and yuta were my boarders... they stayed and slept at home and we been together 'til the next day... roaming around the city. Gusto restaurant has been our dining room for late at night meal and breakfast! It was also our first time to visit Liza's place in Yaizu when we drove her home.

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