Monday, September 14, 2009

A special day for Phil NAKAMA

Sept 9th year 2001 was the official day when we founded the Phil NAKAMA Organization. Last Sept 6th was another memorable day for Phil NAKAMA because this was the day we celebrated the 8th anniversary of our group.
We held the gathering at the Music Hall in Aicel 21. Inline with the program was the induction of the officers and new members of the group and of course the regional qualifying rounds on UTAWIT 2009 in Shizuoka.
We were new to the venue and we prepared everything by our selves in less than two weeks to be exact but i am so grateful to say that we did it! The event was a blast, the UTAWIT contest was stunning, the music system was great, the performers were amazing and the cooperation of everyone was super!

B4 them... meeee first!

with Irene, Beth, Joseph-- UTAWIT 2009 execom!Some of my girl friends...

The Fandango sa Ilaw

Induction Ceremony of new officers for 2009-2011 headed by Precy as President.Induction Ceremony of the new members Meeee and uncle Jo hosting the UTAWIT-Shizuoka The trophies courtesy of Philippine NAKAMA to UTAWIT 2009- Shizuoka winners. What's funny??? ...and the winners are...

Maritess and Uncle Jo's special duet number Lastly... I would like to thank each and everyone involve to Phil NAKAMA, be a member or not... for being a part of our group! For 8th years... we are still here and we owe that to each and everyone of us... thanks to all your support, hardwork, dedication and belief to our objectives!

Long live to Phil NAKAMA!

After the event... we're sturving so some of us went together to Jolibee tropical restaurant for dinner. It's a buffet dinner in only Y1050. Amy... the owner only do this promo once in a month... only on first Sunday of the month. It's very reasonable and damn OISHI! We enjoyed the karaoke too except to Jonalyn's annoying voice... lol! I wanna kill the judges who allowed her to pass the audition in the Philippines... it's too unfair for Filipinos who really had talents! LOL! Just i love this woman for being so sport to admit what i been saying! hahahah! I know she wants to kill me too! hahahah! OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA!

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