Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's my day at work!

Today is the deadline of my "Mabuhay!" newsletter for October issue... and I can't believe my very self that I just did the manuscript only in ONE day... that's yesterday! I was so pressured! This is the first time that happened to me...well, this is the reward of my laziness lately... oh gosh I won't do that again... promise! I thought I wanna give up already... for the fact that some of my friends were bugging me around too while doing the manuscript, lol! But at around midnight... i did challenge myself... "i can do it, i can do it"... and presto... by about 3:00 am... i'm done! Well... I did a great job and I deserve a pat on the back... lol! So... today... I was able to print them at SAME. YATTA!
Today is also Ishiguro san's (Ito san for me... SAME staff) special day! I didn't know it's her birthday... so she missed my gift... lol! She had a snack bday celebration at SAME. Almost all the staff including from Shimizu staff were there coz they had a general meeting this afternoon. We enjoyed her yummy cakes with tea. Ahhh... GOCHISOSAMA DESHITA!

The beauties of SAME

Meee... posing for "i did it"! Banzai!

Kore kara mo ganbarimasu!

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