Sunday, October 04, 2009

Disasters everywhere!

The Philippines is still reeling from a Sept. 26 typhoon called Ondoy that caused the worst flooding in 40 years, killing more than 300-- just i am not sure if the unregistered kababayan are included. Followed by this was the powerful winds of typhoon Pepeng last Saturday but changed it's direction and headed to Taiwan and now is this typhoon Melor...

Many kababayans in Luzon and central of Metro Manila were badly affected by this horrible storm Ondoy. There are places that waters roses up to 10 feets. Rich or poor... most of their things were washed away by the floods.

I am thankful to God that my families in Manila were all safe... even our homes... even my father and his family in Pangasinan except partly for their home, i've heared...and i am sure Ted is fine too coz he is in Davao City... but still let us pray together and show our humanity to all the victims of this terrible storms... not only in the Philippines but also to Vietnam, India and Taiwan... and also to the earthquake disaster in Samoa and Indonesia.

... and you know what... i am also touched to all my Japanese friends here who sent me emails, phone calls and even visited me directly just to relay their affections and sympathies to our families in the Philippines. Some of them even hand me some donations for all the families they knew there.

Gosh... I am really delighted and grateful to that kind of gestures especially when you never ask for any help but they offer. I love you all my Japanese friends... you are all so sweet and for real. I am glad to have friends like you guys!

... and speaking of donations... here is a warning. If you want to give some donations... if possible, please give it directly to all the victims. Let's face it... in the midst of crisis like this... there are some people who can't be trust... heart-less and opportunist! Hope those kind of people live a miserable life of guilt!

Lastly... everyone were asking... who's to blame? Well... typhoon is a natural disaster... but people contributes to the disastrous effect of this. People throw their trash on drainage canals and they allow people to build their houses on the break waters and on top of drainage canals. Developers fill up the natural drainage or creeks so they can build houses. So we are all to blame... we are the one destroying our natures and environments. Likewise... our country leaders should also be blamed. I hope their houses also submerged in flood so that they could feel and think what our country really needs.

God bless you all!

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