Thursday, October 22, 2009

International Fest in Shizuoka 2009

Last Sunday... October 18th was held the 6th International Festival in Shizuoka of SAME-- Shizuoka City Association for Multicultural Exhange in CCC.
As usual... our Phil NAKAMA group was also invited to this event to represent and introduce the Philippines.

Since I am also one of the over-all-coordinator to this event... as usual I need to come early and go back late after the event. Hmmm... do I sound complaining? heheheh...

Here are the early batch who came to help us out!Dang was the food in-chargeOur YATAI booth NAKAMA membersSome of the Pinoy dishes sold at the event Well... the festival was a success as well as Phil NAKAMA's activity. We also participated at the WORLD YATAI... in less than 3 hours... our foods were sold -out! Sayang lang nga dahil di kami kumita ng husto... heheh! I also noticed that we missed some instructions regarding the food preparations.
Then, our stage performances were also appreciated by many... though I am not that satisfied ... we really need more practice in everything... yes practice makes perfect... well almost perfect i! The problem is our time shed for the rehearsals... ITSUMO BARABARA... sooo disappointing ^^;

Pandango sa Ilaw
TiniklingMonaliza's Tagalog song numberPhil NAKAMA's performers
Anyway... I am so grateful to all NAKAMA group... most of them were there to help, support and cooperate. Thank you guys! HONTOUNI OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA!
Our directors from City Hall
Our office at SAME Henna art by Monica from India Mochizuki san with her angels... lol!It's nice to be with Chattie and Yu... OHISASHIBURI! Plus with Angela and Miya chan! henna artsNAKAMA members with our adorable kids!Finale stageKotomi chan and I did the English and Japanese version of SEKAI NI HITOTSU DAKE NO HANA... sort of katuwaan lang! Our dinner was a treat from my hubs... arigatou!hmmm... see you all at the OTSUKARESAMA KAI on November 1 in Jollibee Restaurant downtown.
more photo at Phil NAKAMA Organization website, photo gallery

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