Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tokyo trip with friends!

Philippine NAKAMA had a bus trip last October 11, Sunday in Tokyo. We're about 30 members to be exact. Precy and I acted as an over-all-coordinators in this trip supported by my co-advisers and officers.

Wooow JR... i love your t-shirt... my motto is " no music, no life" ... but it is also true... "no sex, no life"! It was a first time experience to Phil NAKAMA group to have a trip activity in Tokyo. Well... our aim was to cheer Monaliza in UTAWIT 2009 grand finals ... and since we'll be there already... we decided to visit Odaiba wherein we celebrated Olive's birthday at the coast park.
The rainbow bridge!Happy birthday Olive! The Shimizu guys surprised bday cake while singing bday song for Olive was touching... good job guys! Treat meal from Olive but thanks to Dang for all the efforts on cooking!The wife and the AIJIN! LOL!Our birthday gift to Olive... we are all pairs... one is for all , all is for one! heheh!Well... we're all punctual that time but it was sooo disappointing that our Japanese driver was a lil careless that time.... mean... our main objective was to go to Meguro at the site of the UTAWIT grand finals... and I can't believe that he never even researh for it...not knowing that we don't have any car navigators... in short... we lost our ways and we lost a lot of time for the main event.
But I am trully thankful to our friend Irene... one of the execom of UTAWIT who adjusted and delayed the time of the main event... just for us!!! wooow... that was KANDOU Irene... thanks a lot sweetie.

My special thanks also goes to Joel, one of the execom of UTAWIT who picked us up in Meguro Station and lead us to the venue.

Cheering squad! LOL!
My idol... friend Dennis, an artist... i love his arts!Thanks Irene... Julius... 'love u guys!relatives...

Well... anything can really happen... this is what we call... nothing is perfect... what matter most was that we all have fun and really had a great trip!
Otsukaresama deshita to Precy too... you did a good job sweetie... keep it up!

Looking forward to another adventurous trip in the near future!

*more pictures at Philippine NAKAMA website... photo gallery! *

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