Thursday, October 29, 2009

We're in Cable TV!

SAME's news info for foreign residents here in Shizuoka is not only available in newletters or in TAKE FIVE radio program but also in cable TV thru Dream Wave Shizuoka called GAIKOKUGO News. This program was being aired since last spring.
with our friendly staff on recording
Philippine team Watch for it! ヨロシク♪


  1. Thanks for posting our pictures on your blog. we just looked at this page with GAIKOKUGO team of Dream WAVE Shizuoka. Oh, it is not Dream "Web" Shizuoka..., Anyway, we are looking for meeting you with LIZA-san at the Same. wirtten by Takaaki Hara, video editting staff.

  2. Hello Hara san... thanks for the comment and the correction...LOL! Yup... it's not WEB but WAVE... hahah!
    I'm also wondering why I wrote WEB? heheh! See you all again at the recording. (^^)v ...