Monday, August 17, 2009

Phil NAKAMA's gathering

The 8th anniversary of Phil NAKAMA is just around the corner! Kaya heto... we are now busy for the preparations and everything. ( Tama ba ako... o kami lang ni Liza ang busy plus si uncle Jo on UTAWIT side activity? lol) Not to mention that we also have a picnic in Abe Kawa Fireworks Exhibition on the 29th.
Yesterday... we had gathering regarding our up coming activities and of course the birthday celebrations of Liza, Dang and Ysa. Too bad... Tess Yasuhara was supposed to celebrate with them but she missed it coz she had a jazz session in Shimizu that day.
Opening prayer led by DangThe 3 bday celebrants! Snacks courtesy by the bday celebrants... GOCHISOSAMA DESHITA! OISHII KATTA DESU! Pa-cute muna... When the cats away... the mouses will play, lol! HISASHIBURI NO my dear Maika-chan... she's growing past! The beloved group! The leaders... sa kalokohan po! Well... the gathering was actually a success. Maraming suggestions for the aniversary celebrations... we've just finish the outline of the program but more details will be discussed privately by the whole officers and advicers on... kelan nga ba po?! Not yet decided pa pala...! heheh! haaaah... OMG... very busy talaga!

After the meeting and celebrations... I went with some of our friends in YOMISE ICHI or night market fest downtown. Honestly... I did not enjoy it compared to those good old days celebration of YOMISE ICHI. Everything is expensive... lol! I only enjoy the company of my friends.

The site of the stage where Phil NAKAMA used to perform folkdances every year... but we did not participate this 2 consecutive years. We are sooo busy to have a rehearsals!

Aroi-aroi Thai food booth... OSUSUME DESU!

Some of my friends who strolled aroundOTSUKARESAMA DESHITA. wheeew! sigh!

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