Friday, July 17, 2009

Sachan is back from Niigata City!

Hola! Everyone at home is sooo excited coz Sachan arrived home yesterday for her summer vacation! Just in time for the celebration of OBON Festival-- a Japanese custom on honoring the departed spirits of one's ancestors.

Sachan's greetings to GIIGII!Below is OKURIBI--lit at the entrances of homes to send back the spirits of ancestors At night... Sachan joined me, uncle Jo, Dang, Liza, Maritess, Yasuhara sensei to Life Time Cafe Garden. We held the final meeting there for the event on the 25th... then we watched Maritess jazz sessions. Then the next day... I had a date with Sachan downtown. Actually we both bought contact lens then we went window shopping in Parco! We also went to print club sticker game center and below pics were what we got! Pretty cool!
Keep on smiling not because of something but inspite of everything!

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