Tuesday, July 07, 2009


On the morning of my birthday (25th in US time) ... I was shocked to read the headline on the net that Pop King Michael Jackson (50) died by cardiac arrest in his home and paramedics were unable to revive him. I grew up with his music... and he was a musical legend for me. Surely his music and memories will live on forever. Really he will be missed. RIP MJ!

On that day... heaven has gotten another angel... and that's Farrah Fawsett, one of my fave 1970s star in "Charlie's Angels" . She died at the age of 62, nearly 3 years after being diagnosed with anal cancer. RIP Farrah, no more pain now!

Back to MJ... I watched his memorial rites yesterday and it was sooo heartbreaking. I can't help crying like i knew him personally... especially on Brooke Shield and Paris Jackson speeches. Gosh... they really moved me!

Above video was an outstanding performance by JHudson singing MJ's Will You Be There For ME/Hold ME at the memorial service! She is sooo powerful inspite of being pregnant. MJ's narration on the last part was very touching. I broke down on tears! lol!

Above video was MJ final rehearsal from his "This Is It" tour. Michael Jackson is performing "They Don't Really Care About Us". The Footage was shot on June 23rd, 2009 by AEG Live.

One of his best song when he was young and became popular... BEN. I used to sing this song too... when I was young, lol!

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