Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Group gathering in June

Wooow... thanks be to God, our voluntary group, Philippine NAKAMA have just finished one of our activities last Sunday. Glad to say that it was attended by many members and we had a smooth meeting headed by uncle Jo plus a satisfying snacks provided by the birthday celebrants. Unfortunately... we still can't avoid the late comers and some annoying sounds of the kids at the mid of the meeting. Well... hoping for everyone's cooperations to over come those little problems!
Please check our home page for our upcoming activities: http://www.geocities.com/philnakama

Philippine NAKAMA's meeting on up-coming activities Happy birthday Airi... 6.29.Birthday Celebrants... M'tess Tahara missed this pics! Eating time! Huli 'yan!Our familyOur next meeting will be our fund-raising project, the MARITESS SUMMER LIVE 2009 on July 25th in Life Time. Our big rival on that day will be the Shizuoka Fireworks Exhibition in Abe River... I always watch the event every year with my friends but I am gonna miss it this year... waaah... I will miss wearing my jinbei too! I wish it will rain on that day... LOL so that they can postpone the exhibition. In that case they will resume the event on the 26th and we'll still have our chance to watch the fireworks exhibition! OMG, I do sounds silly and selfish... but I really don't wanna miss that spectacular event too!

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