Thursday, June 18, 2009

Release stress in karaoke

It's boring today so I decided to go to karaoke to have some warm ups ika nga! hehehe!
Good timing when I received an email from Cecil asking me if what's my plan for today... so I said "I will go to karaoke"... wooow... without any second thought... she replied that she will go with me. Then we also asked Alisa if she's interested to come with us... wooow pa rin... she spontaneously replied... ok!
So finally, we are 3 and a half (that's Reichan actually) who went to Karaoke Box in Route One.
It's been a while since I had been to karaoke... but I really did enjoy our kalokohan! We all sang and danced to the fullest! hahahah! Lahat pa yata ng mga high pitch na songs ay walang takot din naming mga kinanta! Yeah... that was great! Lalo na yung mga nagtutuluan na ang mga fats namin este pawis pala! hahah! I can't imagine if how many cups? gallons? of fats este callories ang nawala sa amin! Our stresses were also relieved!
Kelan kaya mauulit yon!

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