Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cultural lecture in Matsuno School

I sacrificed my work at SAME today in order to attend the activities of EGG IBUNKA, an organization that teaches and promote different cultures of the world for intercultural understanding in different schools around Shizuoka.
The organization requested me together with other foreigner friends from Nepal and India to teach our cultures and traditions. I always took the opportunity to join the group which is one of my simple way to help promote our country and introduce our true way of life.
The intercultural lecture was held this afternoon in Matsuno Elementary School. They only have about 50 students from Grade 1~6.

Philippine booth with my supportive facilitators... Ishigami san and Uchida san

Some of Philippine stuffs... with some Philippine posters at the back of the display board

The classes was all held at the gymnastic hall

We were asked to teach only 15 minutes to every class. The time was very short... we're like spinning wheels... within that time... we're asked for self-introduction, quiz games, basic info about our countries, daily lives of Elementary students... wooo... I can't imagine how we short-cutted our lecture guide plan... hehehe! But everyone said we did fine... ohhh... just a flattery word? heheh! There's so much to teach to all but anyway... today's experience and adventures was pretty good advantage for me and most of all for intercultural understanding.

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