Friday, June 05, 2009

Seldom seen friends

After my interpretation work yesterday, I picked up Ana to her office and we went to St. Joseph Home-for-the Aged to visit Kuya Ernie. He's still in bed but it's nice to see him not getting worse. We actually took him some pictures and got his thumb mark needed for the renewal of his passport. I heard from Ana that he is exempted for personal interview at the Embassy because he is sick and old enough to travel.
After our visit... we picked up tita Amie to her mansion and we had dinner together in DADA's. We'll... this is our 2nd date together this year. The 1st one was a treat from Ana on her birthday last February. This time was my advance birthday treat to both of them and looking forward to Amie's turn!

Getting together are always fun especially when seldom seen friends gather around!

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