Monday, June 22, 2009

Advance birthday party from girlfriends

Wooow... my birthday is really coming! Heto at nag-advance celebration na nga kami kaninang tanghali. Actually this event was my friend Nerissa's idea. Just for fun... she gathered some friends na HIMA today! Then we all celebrated my advance birthday at Karaoke in Route 1.
This was an unexpected party... no planning and everything but thanks be to God... at least with very little time of preparation, I was able to prepare 3 dishes for the group and the rest was provided by them!
We're 8 members who gathered together! As to be expected... we really had fun! As usual... nakalimot na naman ako sa edad ko! I joined them singing, dancing and rockin' all the way! It felt good to be with young friends... hahahah! Thank you girls to all your thoughtfullness... inspite of the rain... you're all there. Thanks to all your gifts, cakes, cocktails, snacks and most of all your kindness! You all rock! (^3^)mhwaaah!

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