Saturday, June 06, 2009

Adventure of two private eyes

...naks parang totoo... but it's sort true po talaga!

A 15 years old girl, half Pinoy and Japanese who lives in the Philippines and a related friend of Neri asked her to find his long lost Japanese father named Toshihiro Noguchi san who used to live in Omaezaki City.

Finally... Neri and I got time to go there yesterday. Too bad it's raining but still we're lucky coz we easily found the place. It was a 3 storey building... parking on the 1st floor, a snack bar on the 2nd and their home on the 3rd floor. Unfortunately... there's nobody in the house of the given address but we're fortunate to get the telephone number of the house owner that was posted in the reception door. I told Neri to ask her husband to contact the concern person later.
Before we get back to Shizuoka City, we still nosed around the neighborhood to get some more information. According to some source... that house was not Noguchi san place. It was owned by a certain... (better not to publish his name) and that he owned the place ever since! This Noguchi san was only an employer before to that snack bar but they never see him already for a long time.
Updates: Neri's husband phoned to that house owner today. He's in abroad, so they just had a short conversation (overseas call are costly! hehehe!) According to the owner... Noguchi san went back to his former wife in Iwata... and he heard that Noguchi san died already! That's it! Still... the case is complicated! Sources can only be hearsays not unless you see it in your eyes... now the question is do we really need to trace the fact up to Iwata? How about if this former wife or family doesn't know about Noguchi san's daughter in the Philippines? But his daughter have the right to know about the truth. Yah... truth but sometimes... truth is scary...risky... and you know... sad!
Well... still wishing for the positive outcome.
Help!!! Noguchi san's whereabouts... anyone?!

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