Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another unexpected gathering!

It's my day! As I keep on telling everyone... I will only count my blessings but not my wrinkles! heheheh!

The truth is I don't have any plan for a birthday gathering at home this year. But this week, Sarah made a "reservation" to my husband on the 26th that she'll come with us for dinner. Then last Wednesday, Liza reminded me that she'll visit to my home on 26th. By chance, Belinda and I had plan to meet after my work on the 26th. Amie keeps bugging me about party! Sooo... in short, I gathered them together at home for dinner! It turned out to be fun and memorable for me! They all made my day special! I love you friends... you're all like my families here in Japan!
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of you including to my family and friends here and abroad who remembered me by greetings thru cellphone, landline, e-mails, friendster, tagged, facebooks, cards and personal greetings. I finally realized that I have many family, relatives and friends! LOL! Thanks to all your lovely gifts too! For all those who missed to give me some gifts... I am still open to accept them even my birthday is over! Yoroshiku! kekekeh!

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