Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Live event!

Gosh! I can't believe this... it's almost end of the month!
I am loaded of paperworks and I need to meet their deadlines! Obviously... I am truly busy these days but looook what I am doing... I am busy to my other activities and events!
We held tonight our Maritess Summer Live 2009 event in Life Time for the benefit of Philippine NAKAMA's Japanese-Filipino Children Scholarship Program. Naturally... as expected, it was a blast! Sayang nga lang kc bitin kami this time sa mga up tempos! heheh!
Thanks for the support of everyone... so many to mentions! God... bless you all guys... particularly the Phil NAKAMA's group!
Special acknowledgement to the group of Tomorrow College and M'tess committee who helped us out for ticket distributions and supported us a lot in different ways.

Everyone rock!

Me and uncle Jo... Phil NAKAMA wo SHOKAI SHITEIRU TOKI

After the event, we went out to Wotani Izakaya for thank you gathering! Drinks are drink-all-you-can basis... so I had some coaktails drinks... and yah I was drunk... but it felt gooood!

We went back home pass 1:00 am already and it was raining so hard... like typhoon! Thanks to Ajie and hubs for driving me home!

Tomorrow... another busy day... coz it's Phil NAKAMA's General Meeting and Election of New Officers for 2009-2011. GANBARIMASU... OYASUMINASAI... hik!

Hint for tomorrow's election: below pics might be the result for the 5th gene of our group... figure it out for baton touch... got it?! Just guessing... mind u... sometimes... i am like a witch! LOL!

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