Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bonenkai Season!

It's Bonenkai season again! Well... it means year-end party here in Japan or should I say like a Thanksgiving gatherings of friends or co-workers that generally takes place in December.
I actually have some different groups that I work or having activities with and below were some of the Bonenkai I attended this year...

Bonenkai with my co-staff in GAIKOKUGO News program in Dream Wave Shizuoka Cable TV... held in Diego last December 15th. It was indeed full of fun! Tagalog and Portugal program's staffExciting bingo games^^ The lovely Spanish program staffMINASAN OTSUKARESAMA DESHITA "PO"HONTOUNI TANOSHIKATTA "PO"! With Ishiguro san, our SAME representative with Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog staff... ... Portugal and English staff... and Cable TV staffs

I also enjoyed the EGG-- Education by Global Group's---Bonenkai which was held in former Ichiban-cho School last December 16th. It was a lunch time celebration. Minasan... hontouni gochisosama deshita!
Ishigami sanCourtesy by EGG... flowers from Ishigami san... arigatou!
...with Yoshida sensei of Shimizu Fureai Int'l group

Bonenkai with my EIKAIWA class was held in Nakajimaya Hotel. We had ladies lunch set dinner and it was truly delicious and the place was cozy. We all enjoyed our lunch and chatting... as we forgot the time... we actually end up over 3:00 pm already... lol

Ladies lunch set!
They're like my second mothers in Japan... thanks a lot for the treat!
There's many more Bonenkai I attended this year... and sorry for those group I wasn't able to join due to some sched conflict... m(_ _)m Anyway... I am really enjoying working with you all!!!

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