Saturday, December 26, 2009

Okaerinasai... Sachan:)

Glad to have Sachan back home from her school in Niigata City this Christmas! We picked her up last night in the station... then had dinner together in Tengu. Well, we always missed her on Christmas eve this past two consecutive years but at least she's trying her best to be at home on Christmas day... She'll be staying at home for her winter break 'til 2nd week of January. Sachan with her haggard mom ^^; Unlike Christian countries... Christmas day in Japan is just an ordinary day. They also celebrate Christmas but more on commercial way. They usually celebrate it by eating Christmas cake on eve and yes... Kentucky Fried Chicken is also quite popular during this season... heheh!

It's also unusual here to see a house with Christmas illuminations... but since it's part of my traditions being a Christian... I tried to do it in our house every year... well... actually it's our personal tradition too since Sachan was a kid coz she likes it... 'glad my neighbors and friends love it... too^^

Another Christmas tradition at home is that we exchange Christmas gifts...
(Below) Papa's gift to SachanMama's gift to SachanSachan's gift collection... lol!Gifts from Sachan and friendsHealth goods gifts to papa and mama from Sachan... hmmm... plus science good for papa :)Thanks a lot Sachan... (^3^) mhwaaah!
Christmas gift givings is really fun and exciting but still the best of all gifts is the presence of a happy family^^

May the true spirit of Christmas be with you all... have a blessed Christmas everyone!

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