Saturday, December 19, 2009

Great tour in Rome

One of my unforgetable travel this year was this travel in Rome, Italy this December with my dear friends... Arakawa family. Rome is a wonderful city... full of fascinating historical places. Touring around the city is like walking on the streets of museum.
The Vatican City is also one of the memorable place we have been... well, the highlight of Rome! I'm so touched and I can't exactly explain! Sooo amuzing and interesting city! St. Peter Basilica was overwhelming and of course i loved the Vatican museum... very interesting!
Architectures, monuments, paintings, sculptures and other different kind of arts was really great!

This photo was in Moscow duty free on the way to Rome...
The Metro train
coffee time
Spanish Plaza's stepsstreet's stalls
Pantheon... ... was build as a temple to all the gods in Ancient Rome

I loved Pasta!

Mouth of the Truth... said to bite off hte hands of a lier! heheh!

Pizza was great!
My morning breakfast every morning at the hotel

Trevi Fountain

Rome is not complete without tasting their gelato ice cream

Monument to Vittorio Imanuelle IIRome's City Hall

Forum Romanum

Roman Collesseum, the symbol of Rome's eternity

Vatican City's St Peter Basilica
"Pieta" sculpted by Michelangelo
The altar and the domeSt Peter's square in Vatican City
Last night in Rome... Rome was a great experience for me... really awesome!
*more photos in my facebook profile*

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