Saturday, December 26, 2009

Private celebrations with friends

Even Japan never celebrates Christmas... we always find time to celebrate it privately with family and friends. Well... this time is not only a Christmas celebration but also our year-end party or bonenkai. It was a pot luck gathering at home... attended by some closed friends. Some were not able to join already coz this is already a very busy season for everyone!
Minasan... otsukaresamadeshita... mAbUhAy!!!
The following are my friends and relatives... they're all like my family here in Japan!Thanks for all the support and kindness you shared me all these years...'thick or thin... being with you all was always great! I hope we'll always be good friends... hmmm... family!?
I appologize to some of our dear friends we failed to invite... we only have a limited capacity and if we are going to invite you all... we will be needing a dome... hahah... i mean a hall, LOL !
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