Saturday, November 23, 2013

Autumn in Yamaha Resort, Tsumakoi

This resort is located in hilly Kakegawa ... property of Yamaha corporations.  There are many sports facilities around like swimming pools, archery, horse riding, golf and many more. 
Everyone can enjoy their spa too.  The buffet meals are excellent... we did enjoy the Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes.  

Resort room

spa rest room 

scenes from spa

Every autumn to winter seasons, the resort also feature sound illuminations at night.  
It's pretty simple but impressive! 

 Everyone can stroll around the resort by land car 



  1. Ahhh looks like a nice place Mel, I hope to see it some day .
    It was good you could catch up with Sachan and spend a day or 2 with her :) Its good to get away sometimes.
    Nice Photo's the different Autumn colours of the trees
    Take care Mel .... G

  2. nice autumn colors !