Monday, November 11, 2013

Missed Nao chan and Airi chan

Kids grow so fast!!!  This past few years, i seldom see my goddaughter Nao chan and her sweet younger sis Airi chan ... not until tonight when i attended Nao chan's bday party held in Jolibee... wooow i was surprised to see them ... they're like lil ladies now... they were sooo tall for their ages and growing prettier like their mom Analyn ;-) 

Nao chan turned 11 years old today ... wishing her an awesome and  blessed birthday all year through. 

Missing the good times i have shared when Nao chan and Airi chan were lil kids... ahhh kids grow quick ...    hope i could have more good memories with them when we have chance to see each other again.  

Big hugs to you Nao chan and Airi chan xx 

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