Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reach out and support our kababayan!!!

A heart breaking situation is happening in the Philippines lately especially in Visayas Region ... 
In behalf of my group, the Philippine NAKAMA Organization here in Shizuoka City...  we're deeply concerned by the impact of super Typhoon Yolanda or internationally known as Typhoon Haiyan. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by this devastating calamity.  

Charity and humanity knows no boundaries.  We are appealing to everyone especially here in Shizuoka City to give donations of whatever you can to assist the victims and the needy in Visayas Region especially in Leyte and Samar.  A little goes a long way... so do help if you can ... よろしくお願いします m(_ _)m 

"When the oceans rise and thunder roar ...
I will soar with You above the storm
Father You are King over the flood...
I will be still, know You are God".


  1. Saw u on tv news tonight. u did a great job!

  2. RuudRxxNetherlands14 November, 2013 02:20

    Hi there Melinda... im so sad to what is happening in the phil right now!! I am glad you picked your self up again. life can be a drag from time to time. i am blessed with a sunny character :P
    I haven't posted my burma pics yet. when i came back to holland i was caught up in the high pass rhythm of work and some personal stuff. Lots of things need urgent repair on my house etc etc.. the guy of the band were waiting for me to get back to record new music... I am thinking about travels again for next year. japan is also a dream.. or maybe the phils.. I love to record in Manila.. who knows.. I will take a final decision some where middle next year.... thank for being so kind and loyal.. Big warm embrace and kisses...

  3. 母国でご家族は大丈夫でしょうか?全員ご無事でいらっしゃいますように、祈っています。

  4. It's nice to see u blogging again! You're looking good as always!

    You are generous as always.
    Hope your family and love ones are safe there.
    God bless the Philippines!