Friday, August 29, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge!

I knew this time would come ... now it's my turn!  :(

here's a nomination from my niece in Canada that was tag to me this morning for ALS ice bucket challenge...

waaaa ... mag-donate na lang ako!!! hahaha !!!

Jacky ...  if u visit us here in Japan on November ... watch out !!!  hahaha!!! 

FYI --- sharing portion! 

Ice Bucket Challenge May Cause Harm: (Read These Tips to Avoid Injury.)
By Dr Willie Ong (The Philippine STAR)

"Warning to elderly, pregnant women, ailing and those with medical conditions."

Ice Bucket Challenge is a charity campaign to increase awareness on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a paralyzing disease. During the challenge, freezing water and ice are poured over the person’s head using a bucket.

However, there are slight health risks involved.

1. Ice Bucket Challenge may cause head injury or fainting. Having a heavy bucket raised over your head could be dangerous. In an accident, you could hurt your head or break your neck.
2. It can lead to a heart attack and high blood pressure, due to constriction of the arteries.
3. Ice Bucket Challenge should not be done by the elderly, pregnant women, children and those with health conditions. You may also get pneumonia.
4. Most head bumps (from the bucket) are harmless because the skull protects our brain. However, patients should still be observed for drowsiness, vomiting or severe headache in the next few days. For more serious bumps, you should proceed to a hospital for a head x-ray (to check for fracture) or a Head Scan (to check for bleeding).

Tips to avoid injury during the Ice Bucket Challenge:

1. Don’t do it. Just donate money to charity.
2. Sit down on a sturdy chair while undergoing the challenge. (A helmet will help.)
3. After the challenge, dry yourself with a towel and take a few minutes to rest. Make sure you are not dizzy anymore before resuming your usual activities. Take care.
 — with Roman Empires.

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