Friday, August 01, 2014

Japanese Cucumber Pickles

A patient in our clinic gave us too many cucumber ... so what will i do with them??? 

Of course i love cucumber and all i can think of is my favorite cold cucumber pickles or tsukemono as what they called it here in Japan.  

So 2 days ago, i tried to make Japanese cucumber pickles and luckily ... my family and my friends loved it ... so they been often asking me how i made it ...

I only know the basic and easy procedure ... that's one thing i like it... it's quick and yummy... 
so here it is my dear friends :   

5 Japanese cucumbers (seedless) 
1 teaspoon sea salt 
5 tablespoon vinegar
10 table spoon water
1 teaspoon sugar
(optional) goma-kombu (you can buy this in any Japanese supermarket in pack) 

First ... wash the cucumber and rub it with salt.  
Then, cut it according to slices you want ... mine is about 5 cm. 
(Maybe next time i like to try to cut it in 8 spears)
Put them in a container ... if you have a jar ... it's best.
(It's a good idea also if you can put it in a ziplock freezer bag)
Marinate them with vinegar, sugar and water.  It's best if you can add like some goma-kombu (it has a lil taste of soy sauce too-- for flavor variations lol) 
Lastly, cover the container or jar and put it overnight in fridge to season. 

There it is ... just perfect especially this summer.  
This is also serve during meal as garnish or salad... and we also enjoy this as a snack and otsumami-- that means appetizer xx 


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