Monday, August 04, 2014

My first latte art

I love coffee!!!  ... and one of my fav is cafe latte.  
I remember when i visited Rome ... there was this coffee shop near Vatican... me and my friends ordered cafe latte and the master did some cute arts and greetings in our latte ... 
that was the first time i became interested in latte art.  
Aroma was good , tasted good, and art was ... hmmm not bad... as long as you can notice that it was monkey art...  lol :P 

It was a great opportunity that my friend Manju organized a latte art class last Saturday in his restaurant-- Spice Cafe Modhaju.  
It was a good timing that my trip in Hamamatsu was cancelled and i had a chance to attend the class in last minute.  
I also learned and experienced the basic making of cafe latte ... only basic but not that easy lol ... however, our instructor Okitsu sensei said i am good as a starter hihihi--- oseiji desu!
 Thank you Okitsu sensei for "easy to understand and easy to do" latte art ... 

I hope to learn more although my problem is how to draw :P 

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