Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Peaceful Live!

Finally ... the successful Peaceful Live event of Mayumi Nishida san wherein the Philippine NAKAMA had a special participation is over!  It was a blessed day!!! Everything was fine, smooth and safe ... so thanks be to God xx
Mayumi san also featured thru slides her activities in the Philippines last January with International Stationary Exhange Club of Japan and assisted by some members of Philippine NAKAMA.  (I missed it though because we were at the lobby having photo shooting) 
 Mayumi san did demonstrate how to work the stuff toys she bought in Philippines.

Again ... i would like to thank my ever wonderful NAKAMA family for all their time, effort, talents and cooperation for this program.  The performance was well appreciated ... thank u all !!! 
... and special thanks to our 7 year old promising girl --- Shizuchan to her wonderful performance.  
Peaceful Live was held last August 3, Sunday at Euphonia Hall, Shizugin, Shizuoka City

To our dear friend Mochizuki Akira san... thank u so much for the flowers you sent for Philippine NAKAMA group... you are all awesome! 

souvenir pic with my darling Shizu chan and my precious daughter Sachan 

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