Monday, July 27, 2015

Enjoying HANABI with friends

A yearly summer night out date with NAKAMA family !
(Except when it's raining!)
With my friends Liza and Joy ... we went early today to Tamachi, Abe River to reserve a place for our NAKAMA group's gathering and fireworks viewing in Abe River HANABI TAIKAI 2015.  

We went two hours before the main event which started 7:00 pm
 It's a hot day!  Humid and no wind! 
But it can't be help ... 

We did enjoy the whole night nway ;-) 

 Early birds!

Our Japanese advisers ... お久しぶりです!


長嶋さん、 素敵な写真、ありがとう :)

fireworks displays
Some of the fireworks displays
 NAKAMA family

 Coincidence ... uncle Jo and I have same Adidas summer shoes :)) 

 It was a fun night ... see u all again next year!!!

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