Wednesday, July 29, 2015

駄菓子屋Pecoの「世界の遊びコーナー」in 「グランシップ 世界のこども劇場」

Thank you so much to my Japanese friend, Masui Yumiko san for inviting me today to assist her at her Peco Candy Shop's<駄菓子屋Peco> World Games Corner「世界の遊びコーナー」 ...

. I was able to introduce some Philippine kids game too... like sipa and jack stone. It was a wonderful and fun experience! 

Please visit with your kids ... they will surely enjoy not only the theater but also the different world games and nostalgic goods in Peco Candy Shop. It's located at the lobby of Chuo Hall, Granship. 

It's a 3 days summer fair ---from July 28,29 to 30 (tomorrow-Thursday is the last day) !!!

Peco Candy Shop with my friend Masui san! 

The world kid's game corner … preparation time

Canadian shadowgraph show

jack stones and sipa

Nostalgic goods at Peco candy shop

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