Sunday, July 05, 2015

Unique Starbucks Shop in Kitano

Happy Sunday! Great it's bright day today ... 

Sachan left me at the hotel in the morning to meet her friends in Kyoto to watch concert event today ... i was left in Kobe and continue my adventure alone around the city. 

Sachan told me to visit Starbucks in Kitano-- an old foreigner district... coz it's kinda unique shop ... since i am a Starbucks fan ... i included it in my itinerary. 

I am lucky to find the place that easy ... coz it's popular around the area. 

The moment i saw it ... wow it's really cool ... an elegant old American wooden house. 
It's a 19th century style house and said to be one of Japan's cultural properties. 

Starbucks in hilly place of Kitanozaka
According to the history, this building was originally called Kitano Monogatari Kan or Kitano Story Museum.   
The two-storey house was build in 1907 and owned by an American who was residing in Kobe that time. Later it was passed on to a German. It became a property of Kobe City after it was damaged by 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake. From it's original location in Kitano 1 chome, it was relocated and reconstructed to the current location in Kitanocho. Starbucks opened here on 2009. 

You can order your drinks and food at the counter in the back room... 
Then you can dine wherever u want ... there are many rooms from 1st floor to second floor.
The shop inside is also designed as an old American home.
There are different kind of rooms from dining to living room.  There are study rooms... guess rooms and terraces too.

Dining room in the first floor ↑

It has a lovely exterior ...
The library room on the second floor

I was lucky to have a comfortable seat beside the window ...
feel at home... enjoying my drinks and the street view

The menu is the same as in usual Starbucks shop 

I was sitted beside this typewriter area

It's not like a shop but a home

The hall on the second floor
watch out your step ... this stairway is too steep

Outside terrace↑

'ambiance sake ... i will definitely come back to this place if i have a chance to visit Kobe again.

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