Sunday, July 05, 2015

My weekend trip to Kobe

Sachan invited me to have a trip in Kobe this weekend ... 
She actually have a date with her friends in Kyoto to watch a concert event the whole Sunday.  
Meaning ... it's our date in Kobe only on Saturday and i will have my own adventure on Sunday.  Great! :P 

Well, since i am not sure if i have visited Kobe ... i got interested to join Sachan.  
It was rainy Saturday when we start travelling ... but i am glad i joined her coz i found out to myself that i never been to Kobe.   
On the way to Kobe by bullet train

So there i was with Sachan ... in Kobe, the capital of Hyogo Prefecture and one of the largest cities in Japan.

The busy district of Sannomiya
When u are in Kobe ... don't miss the Kobe Beef ... the specialty food in Kobe

 Green House ... a recommended dining place by Sachan's friend 

 This cute fellow will also welcome you...

The interior is interesting
The food are good too
 We did enjoy our lunch with interesting atmosphere. 

We stayed in Hotel Monterey Kobe...

The garden of Hotel Monterey Kobe 

It's not about being the best. It's about being better than you were yesterday.


 Chinatown in Kobe

A visit to Meriken Park ... it's an awesome waterfront park in Kobe's port area.
 Kobe Port Tower 

 It was raining but the harbour is still lovely
Kobe Maritime Museum 
 Kobe Harborland 

dancing fountain  

 Kobe Harborland is a shopping and entertainment area.
 You can enjoy sightseeing by boat or lunch and dinner cruises around Kobe Bay 

 awesome night
 There's a lot of restaurants and bars around

Sachan and I love this interior shop

 We have a chance to write our wishes for Tanabata day... 

Wish upon a star ... grant our wishes pleaseee xx 

 Dinner at the harbour ... とてもよかった ☆

Selfie time with my precious  

 Motomachi Arcade
 JR platform in Shinnomiya
Hotel's chapel

resting at hotel lobby

 Day 2
 Checking my camera ..

It's a bright day today!

Visiting Ikuta Shrine

It's actually beside our hotel where we stayed in
Traditionally Japanese in the center of the very active metropolis of Kobe

Ikuta Shrine is an ancient shrine with over 1,800 years of its history. The name of the area “Kobe” is originated from Kambe, the house protects the deity of Ikuta. Ikuta means the place filled with vibrant energy. It is located in central part of an urban area of Kobe... the Sannomiya. 

Japan's many shrines observe the 'Oharae' , the ritual for expelling evil spirits, at the end of June and December, for which the 'Chinowa-kuguri', meaning passing through a circular gate made of Japanese pampas grass, is indispensable.
Worship Hall

Back view of the hall

Ikuta forest

There are more small shrines at the back of the forest

 Nishimura Coffee Shop

 Kobe Muslim Mosque
 Catholic Kobe Central Church
 English Mass 

 Kitano Monagatari Kan (Kitano Story Museum ... now Starbucks

Since i am in the historical district called Kitano Ijinkan or foreign merchants residences from Meiji and Taisho era ... i visited some of the area.  
 Along the hilly Kitanozaka 

 I enjoyed some of the arts around 

Kitano Plaza
Daidogei show and usually jazz live are popular in this place
  Weather Cook House 
Kitano Tenman Shrine

I'm year of the Ox ... so???  Power pa more!  :P


 Denmark House
 Wein-Austrian House

 Over looking Kobe Port Tower

There i am :D

Oranda Kan -- Holland facility

Azarea ... the flower during rainy season  

 Man hole cover

Rhine House

 Wishing for more!  lol 

 Ben's House 

 French House
English House

Trick Art

 The City Loop Bus

Moegi House 

 Another specialty of Kobe ... ice cream milk xx

Kobe Baptist Church 

 If i have a chance to come back in Kobe ... 
i don't want  to miss this coffee shop --- Nishimura

Ichinomiya Shrine 

 To Kitanozaka

 Hey ... i saw spider man in down town! 

 I just love this antique style elevator

There are many more interesting places to visit like Arima Onsen and Mt. Rokko ...
but i am reserving them for my next visit ... i will surely comeback ;-) 
Sachan and i met in Kyoto at night and we went back home in Tokyo together by bullet train.

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