Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day trip in Kanzanji Onsen

After a busy week of work and activities ... terrible cough attacked me and lost my voice again!
Aside from medication ... i decided to go to onsen or hot spring thinking that it could help me recover soon
Here's a new discovery in Hamanako...  Kanzanji Hotspring.  This is a village of hotspring and i am surprised to know that this is the largest hot spring resort in Shizuoka Prefecture! 

'tried 華咲の湯 (はなさきhot spring)

Some of the bath facilities 

relaxing facilities

 It has many varieties of bath ...big and small, indoor and outdoor bath and saunas!

... my day was complete with this and coffee ;-) 

Everyone will surely enjoy the bathing ... even the restaurants, massage, beauty salon and relaxing facilities.  
Just too bad ... you can't see the Hamanako lake from the resort. 

Nway ... thanks be to God ... soaking in hot bath and staying in sauna helped me to relax and relieved my voice ... ready to fight again on the coming weeks ... yaaay ganbarimasu!!!  :) 


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