Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My family's boodle fight version!

One of my fav things in Philippines... with my family! 

This is a labor of love ...
My family work together for this boodle fight style meal for our dinner ...

One time, I asked my sis Malou ...that i want to dine out in boodle fight style meal  ... 
She said it's too expensive for the whole family.  

Then she suggested to do our own version at home ... 
So everyone shared their own cooking ... preparations and settings ... 
and charrraaan ... we did it!

Our family's boodle fight dinner!

Our sea food with grilled pork belly meal version
Served to 15 members of the family (wow ... we are growing... hahaha!!!)

 Boodle fight made our family closer ... :D

 Thanks be to God for the blessings xxx 

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