Thursday, October 15, 2015

Saba cooking lesson???!!!

It's hard when you have so many food and you are alone to eat!  

Again i got this green cluster of saba bananas more than a week ago ... Saba is a type of cooking Philippine banana ... 
I almost forgot about it and when i found it ... it all turned out to yellow coz it's ripe  ... now what ??? 
I was forced to cooked them as snack food ... and here they are ...
Easy, quick and yummy... happy tummy again! :P 

 Fried sliced saba with cameralized brown sugar

Banana fritters or Maruya --- coated bananas in a mixture of flour, eggs, brown sugar and milk ... then fry. 

Lucky i have some friends to share it with ;-) 

This was my snack for a week ... don't wonder why i am gaining then ... :P 

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