Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bonenkai season!

It's BONENKAI season again! It's a gathering of friends and co-workers during December here in Japan to celebrate the end of the busy year. I was lucky indeed to have many friends and colleagues kaya kapag kanitong season... I am like a spinning wheel dahil maraming Bonenkai parties to attend!
Here are some photos from Bonenkai parties I attended lately...
SAME's Bonenkai--- with my colleagues! This was held last Saturday, 13th at Asian Typoon in Ryogai cho! It's a good chance to get along with co-workers...... especially to those we hardly knew!

BONENKAI with my English Class at SAME. We held it at Cross Roads Restaurant in Nakajimaya last Friday, 19th. We enjoyed our buffet lunch gathering! I am thankful to this group for they always treat me on our dates! (^-^)v

There are more parties to attend to but I will surely missed most of the other invitations due to my conflict schedules. Bawi na lang next year!

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