Friday, December 05, 2008

A day in Fusoku

Suzuki sensei of Shizuoka Fusoku High School dropped by to my work at SAME last week and invited me to come over to her class to talk about the Philippines and mostly about the helpless children of the Philippines including our JFC scholarship program.
I asked Liza to come with me in Fusoku to help me out for the lecture. We're both worried on how we will organize our 40 minutes lecture in front of 80 high school students coz we're not able to prepare due to lack of time.
So, the main event came... that was last Wednesday... unexpectedly... it somehow end up interestingly especially our gimmick on "right or wrong" quiz about the Philippines. We're not able to have the question and answer portion for we actually run out of time!
On the spot preparations↓

Some of the shy but smart students!

With the charming teacher... Suzuki sensei!

It feels good to share to other the real Philippines!

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