Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of year 2008!

... and now the end is near♪and so I face the final curtain♪... well, that's according to that popular song!

Wooow, times really traveled fast... ang bilis-bilis talaga! Now... here we are waiting for the count down for year 2009.
Here... we treat our selves to a revolving sushi restaurant for lunch!

Problemado si Papie... kc s'ya na naman taya!

Lola enjoyed her lunch too especially her sweets!

Mahina kami kumain... alang gana!

We had late dinner. It is traditional to eat soba or buckwheat noodles on New Year's Eve since thin long noodles symbolizes longevity. It is called toshikoshi or passing the year soba.

To sum it up, year 2008 has been a good year to me! Maraming blessings inspite it's been tough financially! Palagi naman! Well... anyway... to all of you out there... YOI OTOSHI WO... meaning, "have a good year passing"!

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