Thursday, December 25, 2008

Maligayang Pasko!

It's Christmas but I almost forgot it! Ewan ko ba... since my daughter grew up and been away from us... I can't feel Christmas that much anymore. Iba pa rin talaga yung meron kang kids around na excited sa mga Christmas decorations and illuminations, expecting for Santa's gifts and yah... 'yung pagdating ng eve na nag-iihip s'ya ng cake! Kakamiss talaga yung mga time na yon.
So if I were you lalo na to those mom na meron pang tsikiting d'yan... make and spend the best things you could with your kids lalo na kung may mga event like this... para marami kayong good memories in the future!
So back to my Christmas... before eve... Belinda with uncle Jo plus Marissa dropped by at home to share some Xmas foods for their gathering at Sarah's place... Sarah came after them with another sharing of foods and gifts for all of us at home. That's touching! Pero sa dami ng bigay nila... we can't imagine at home how to eat them!
Ano nga bang exchange food ko? I did not prepare that much but kahit konting menudo... I was able to share with them.
Sarah's new home!

Some of Xmas foods at Sarah's Xmas gathering... there are more actually!

The kids group! They're Christmasing to their ninang and ninong!

About 9:00 pm... I prepared for my date with Amie and Liza in Kentos to spend our Eve like we did last year. But before going there... I dropped by to Sarah's place with some beers to share to their Christmas gathering. I just showed up, took pictures and some greetings... then I scaped already! Thanks to Sarah and Belinda who drove me downtown to meet Liza and Amie.
We had a cup of coffee in Jolibee first. We received panty gifts from Amy--the owner -- from her give-away Xmas gifts basket! Mabuti na lang makapal ang mukha namin para makiarbor! hehehe! Happy Xmas Amy!
After that we went to Kentos for some music tripping... opppsss... I said tripping anoooh... but unfortunately we were disappointed to vocal band members! I don't know if they understand what they're singing in English... di namin maintindihan ang mga wordings nila! Kakasuyang nakakatawa talaga! Lumakas tuloy ang loob ko na magbalik vocalist!!! hahaha!!!

Our first drinks... looks sweet but after our kampai... we yelled for yaaakkk! mixed wiskey was too strong!!!

Ryo followed us in Kentos.

Sax player was good!

We had a good Eve! But I don't think I want to spend my Eve at Kentos next year... sorry, not with those poor vocalists!

Today... I consentrated with my text and mail Christmas messages and phone calls! Kakatuwa naman kapag marami ang nakakaalala sa yo! Wag lang sana ako maalala ng mga pinagkakautangan ko lalo na yung mga inaanak ko! hehehe!

Had some chat with Ana K too... wooow that was quite long chikahan! We almost burn our ears for almost 2 hours in cellphone! But I enjoyed our chatting! We seldom see each other lately so maybe that's how we missed our chikahan!

Tomorrow... Sachan will be back home for her winter vacation away from school. We will surely celebrate tomorrow night our Christmas together as family! TANOSHIMI da ne?

Sounds one day late celebration for Xmas! Hmmm... it's always Christmas desho?!

May you all have a blessed and peaceful Christmas!

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